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Hi! I'm Roberto Blefari, I’m an illustrator and I know how to make you smile.

I create lively and straightforward illustrations that make people feel good.
I do that mixing graphics and emotions in a good visual balance, and it works for every project: from children books to corporate ads.

Based in the beautiful city of Turin, Italy, I work with passionate people and clients from all around the World.

Over the past two years, I'm also teaching third-year students at IED Turin.

Get in touch
For commissions and work inquiries please drop me a line at:

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Awards and recognitions
2018 – Annual AI, selected
2017 – 3x3 Illustration Annual No.14, Honorable mention
2015 – AOI WIA, shortlisted
2015 – Annual AI, Gold medal (self-initiated work)

Clients inlcude:

Collective exhibitions
2019 – Saranno Illustri at Illustri Festival, Vicenza
2018 – Gallerie Summertime by Illustri, Vicenza
2017 – Unconventional mapping, Torino Graphic Days
2017 – Alchemica gallery
2017 – Italianism festival, Roma
2016 – Look Hear festival, New Castle
2016 – Novantanove by Illustri, Torino Graphic Days
Solo exhibitions
2019 – “Tutti sappiamo volare” at Agrumi Studio, Genova
2017 – Torino Graphic Days, live performance
2014 – “It's not weird, it's Luv” at Caracol Art Gallery, Torino

DemoDuck, Digibuk, Hoppipolla, Le Palle, Makersplace, PPPattern and RoomFifty.
- “Il libro dei bacini”, Fabbri Editori, 2019
- “Les animaux de la mer”, Éditions Milan, 2018
- “Ricicla e suona”, Editoriale Scienza, 2018 
- “C’era una svolta”, Quelli del Sabato, 2017
- Illustri Festival Catalogue, Illustri, 2019
- Oblò magazine No.3, Hoppipolla, 2019
- “101 film per ragazze e ragazzi straordinari”, Newton Compton Editori, 2019
- Quadrifloux, 70Magenta, 2018
- Nurant “A limit is no limits”, Nurant, 2018
- Italianism Catalogue, Italianism, 2017
- Torino Graphic Days Catalogue, Plug, 2017
- Rock Motel, Squame, 2015
- Spollo kitchen, Corraini Edizioni, 2014
- Nurant “Circo”, Nurant, 2013

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