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Ciao! I’m Roberto Hikimi Blefari, a freelance illustrator from Italy.

I create bright illustrations to make people of all ages feel good.

I like using a soft colour palette and delicate lines to convey calm and serenity. I also add a bit of irony to excite thoughts, create smiles, and evoke empathy.

This mix works well for projects across design and communication, through to editorial briefs and book illustrations.

Over the past three years, I've also been teaching what I know about illustration (and Illustrator, the software) at IED in Turin.

Get in touch

︎ Drop me a line at

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Clients include

Anorak magazine, Clementoni, Corriere della Sera, Éditions Milan, Emergency, Fabbri Editori, Flow magazine, Giunti, Mondadori, Quarto Publishing, Slow Food, Snapchat, Stabilo, Yoox, You?

Awards and recognitions

2018 – Annual AI, selected
2017 – 3x3 pro show, Honorable mention
2015 – The AOI WIA, shortlisted
2015 – Annual AI, Gold medal

Selected exhibitions

“Just Humans” (2019, Museo Egizio, Torino)
“Saranno Illustri” (2019, Illustri Festival, Vicenza)
“Tutti sappiamo volare” (solo, 2019, Genova)
“Gallerie Summertime” (2018, Vicenza)
“Unconventional mapping” (2017, FSRR, Torino)
“Alchemica gallery” (2017, various locations)
“Novantanove” (2017, Graphic days Torino)

Recent features and interviews

Creative BoomHoppipolla, Frizzi Frizzi, Timmerman, FeelDesain, Tumblr Staff


- “That’s a job? I like animals”, Ivy Kids, 2020
- “Sorellina in arrivo”, Fabbri Editori, 2019
- “Il libro dei bacini”, Fabbri Editori, 2019
- “Les animaux de la mer”, Éditions Milan, 2018
- “Ricicla e suona”, Editoriale Scienza, 2018 
- “C’era una svolta”, Quelli del Sabato, 2017


- Just Humans, Graphic Days Torino, 2019
- Illustri Festival Catalogue, Illustri, 2019
- Oblò magazine No.3, Hoppipolla, 2019
- “101 film...”, Newton Compton Editori, 2019
- Quadrifloux, 70Magenta, 2019
- Nurant “A limit is no limits”, Nurant, 2018
- Italianism Catalogue, Italianism, 2017
- Graphic Days Torino Catalogue, Plug, 2017
- Rock Motel, Squame, 2015
- Spollo kitchen, Corraini Edizioni, 2014
- Nurant “Circo”, Nurant, 2013

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