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Ciao, hello!

I'm Roberto Blefari (aka Hikimi), a freelance illustrator in Turin, Italy.

I create playful yet poetic illustrations, both conceptual and descriptive. My visual language is light and cheerful, with a strong focus on stories, inclusion and diverse people.

When working on projects, I aim to understand your perspective and needs to create fresh concepts and visuals that resonate with you and your audience. I have learnt to do this through curiosity, practice and listening in over ten years of working in the creative industries.

From digital software to cut-outs and markers, I love using different tools and working on projects, from design to editorial briefs.

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I love to work on

Editorial illustrations, character design, design projects, children books, social and educational projects, branding illustrations and art direction.

I had the pleasure to work with

Auzou, Clementoni, Corriere della Sera, Éditions Milan, Emergency ONG, Fabbri Editori, Flow magazine, Girl Guiding, IED, Mondadori, Quarto Publishing, Stabilo, The Guardian, Uppa, WeTransfer, Yoox… You?

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